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Ok, since you haven’t seen a post from us nearly all year, except these last two with the new blog, I thought I would bring everyone up to date.

Work: I have been working for the same client since late last year and in February went to direct deposit payroll, so I don’t have to worry about getting paid. This is a huge stress off of us and there is no more running around to the bank. Well, at least their isn’t’ supposed to be. The first payment they didn’t get the bank information right, so they Fed Ex’d a check to me. The second payment they forgot to enter an hourly rate so they sent a payment via PayPal. Third time was a charm, we thought. That payment went into the account just fine. However, this fourth payment, there was a problem. A check was sent, it never arrived, so another PayPal payment and another $21 fee to them for it. Hopefully future payments will work fine so we can pay our bills on time. :)

Baby: We are still anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new baby. You would think that this late in the game we would have the baby’s room done and ready for her arrival – but that still isn’t done. I do have the network hardware set up to get network access to the upstairs via wireless, but I am still working to get the old office moved out and the baby’s stuff moved in. There just aren’t enough hours in the day. :( However, we do have an appointment tomorrow along with an ultrasound to make sure the kid is head down and ready to go.

Trains: I am still actively operating with the RiverRail group as always, but events with the SCA are starting to interfere. It is going to be fun to balance the two groups and enjoy both activities. No, I don’t have room yet to build my railroad, and probably won’t for a few years now, but that doesn’t stop my from acquiring new equipment. :)

SCA: Two weeks ago we were in Wautoma, WI for an event called Bardic Madness. We really enjoyed the songs, stories and of course the tons of food that was available. For those that don’t know, bardic activities include singing, story telling, instruments, and anything involved with communicating your thoughts to other members. Although I personally do not participate in the bardic activities, it was still a lot of fun to sit around the bardic circle and join in on the fun. This weekend we are off to Rochester, MN for Spring Coronation. Yes, I know that it is very close to the due date (April 25th), but if you look at a map, it’s really not that much farther from here to the hospital as it is from Rochester to the hospital – and it’s all highway driving either way.

Life: Life stinks. Oh wait, you knew that. It seems that just when things start to look up and life is going to get better, something comes along and knocks you back down to zero. Oh, and this snow we are getting today ISN’T much help with that.

Oh well, enough of my complaining, back to work…

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