The Family Comes Home

We left the hospital shortly after noon today and made a stop over at my sister Shawna’s place for her 40th birthday party. Our daughter Allyssa chose to share her birthday with my sister which of course made my sister extremely happy. It will also help me to remember both how old my sister is (Allyssa’s age plus 40) as well as when her birthday is. Shawna says it will help her remember too. :)

After spending time at the party, and allowing some of the family members who hadn’t met Allyssa yet to meet her, we came home to finally turn our apartment into a home. It’s funny how the addition of a baby to a home really makes it feel more like a home. We are settling in nicely and starting to get into the routine of being parents, but it is still far from routine. In fact, I am backdating posts (writing this on May Day) as we have just been so consumed with holding and cuddling our new bundle of joy. We are getting pictures which we will try to share, but with the lack of that digital camera we will have to wait to have the film developed.

As the days go by (5 days and counting) things are getting back to normal. I hadn’t really touched a computer until Sunday (yes, remember, I am backdating) which is not normal for me. I did have the laptop with us at the hospital, but basically used it for playing some soothing Jazz music which Allyssa has started to enjoy – it really helps to calm her down. Keep reading as we share all of the baby’s firsts with you.

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