Welcome to our new Family Blog.

Ok, so the two of us don’t post in our normal blogs all that much, that I will give you. But up until now we really haven’t had much of a reason to blog, but that all changes this month. For those of you that know us, our first child will (or at least should) be born later this month. The due date of course is April 25th which I am certain will not be the baby’s birthday. All I care is that it is after April 14th because THAT is when we will be going to our Kingdom’s Spring Coronation and I really do not want to miss that.

What is our Kingdom? What is Spring Coronation? Oh, that’s right, you may not know that Laura and I are members of the Society for Creative Anachronism, where we reside in the Kingdom of Northshield as a part of the Shire of Rokeclif. You will learn a lot more about this activity through this blog since we intend to continue going to events even with the new addition to the family. We are already planning the garb for baby. :)

Why a new blog?

Well, quite simply, I think we need to have a special place to share the story of our new family with the far too many people we need to share it with. I don’t like writing Christmas novels, er, letters, so this is how we will share our lives with our family, friends, and the rest of the world, for those that care. We’ll share news about baby, ourselves, and other useful tidbits we find along the way. Of course there will be photos so look out for those – that is once we get our Digital Camera so we can TAKE photos. Hopefully that happens before the baby is born. :)

Don’t know who we are?

Then what are you doing here? No really, welcome, and we’ll try to include helpful posts for new families, child care, parenting, and so much more. That is, if we find the time after spending time just being a family.

P.S: I am replacing my old personal blog with this, and all of those old posts will just be gone. Nobody sees them anyway, so it doesn’t really matter. :)

2 thoughts on “Welcome to our new Family Blog.

  1. No, we are still in Trempealeau, although we did have a computer die on us last Wednesday (web server). Been pretty busy here getting things ready for baby and working of course. Really do need to post here more often – let’s see if I can find the time after baby is born. :)

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