Baby’s First Bath

No, I will not share photos of this as we want to protect our daughter’s privacy and innocence, so this will be just a report. Although she was obviously given a bath at the hospital after birth, that was done by nurses – although I did get to put the first diaper on. Today however, while changing her, she decided to pee while there was no diaper on, so we felt a good, soothing bath was in order.

Thanks to my mother, we have a nice infant bathing seat to use until her umbilical cord heals – since we can’t submerge her in water until then. So far, Allyssa does NOT like to be bathed, but we hope that will change as time goes on. It’s kind of hard to get a baby clean when she is squirming and wiggling all over. She also received her first shampoo from dad today, which she seemed to enjoy more that the bath – maybe it was because daddy held her while he did it. Regardless, it was the first of what will be many baths – and she sure smells great after one!

Well, OK, so she ended up getting two baths today. We are learning that when we change her diaper she seems to wait until it is off before urinating, which she did again today while mommy was changing her. So, after she was changed, and she topped off the belly with help from mom, she got her second bath today. It will take some practice, but I think for now we will keep the diaper at least under her until she finishes her duties while changing. More on nursing and diapering from mom later.

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