Feeding time

Well Shane said that I would do a post on breastfeeding. So it’s about time that I did take the time to do such a post. For the most part breastfeeding is going well, at least as far as we can tell. In the beginning it wasn’t that easy.

While we were in the hospital, every time Shane handed Allyssa to me, she would go immediately to sleep. It was so bad, that the lactation consultants told him it was his job to irritate the baby and keep her awake so that I could feed her. Also while we were in the hospital Allyssa and I had trouble becoming coordinated enough to feed her. Ok, a large part of the problem seemed to be that she wanted things to be easy and didn’t want to take the time or trouble to latch on correctly.

While in the hospital she continued to have some problems with this, but we were definitely working on becoming coordinated enough to feed her even if it did take work and wouldn’t be immediate.

After my milk came in we still had a few problems. Still the latch on problem but we were working on it. In many ways I don’t think that how my milk would just run into her mouth necessarily helped. Apparently she would think she could drink without latching on, but since when she did latch on she’d spend the first minute or two just gulping to keep up with the flow, I suppose I can understand why she would think she didn’t need to work too hard.

While the milk still flows quickly, especially in the beginning, we have it figured out now. Occasionally it takes her a little longer than other times to latch on, but she does that well now. As for how quickly it flows? Well, it’s more than willing to squirt if she doesn’t want to stay latched on if that’s any indication. And they both are more than willing to leak if she doesn’t keep up with the buffet supply.

Yes, while I’m not sure how it came about, it’s referred to the “All Allyssa Can Eat Buffet” around here. We also joke that even with the buffet always being ready, I still need time to for serving set up.

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