Our first Picnic!

We live perhaps five miles from Perrot Sate Park. Because of this as a family we decided that it just made sense to purchase an annual state park pass, which we have done (ok we did that today, but still). Today when we wanted to get out of the house for a bit we decided that Perrot was the place to go.

While we were driving through the park today, part of our goal was to walk one of the trails there. A nice way to enjoy the woods, learn something from the markers the park rangers have placed, and receive some exercise. We walked the Black Walnut Trail which is only a 1/2 mile but it was hilly. I carried Allyssa in the sling that Jean had made for me.

It was good exercise, and then later we walked part of the River’s Edge trail, and between the two of them it was enough exercise for the day.

In between walking the two trails, though we decided that it would be great to have a picnic in the park. So we went home and picked up what we needed. Shane has had a small portable gas grill for years, but we haven’t used it much even though in the past he had often used it. We had hotdogs and buns on hand, so with some chips we had something reasonable to eat.

While we didn’t have much for ice packs at the time, we had a empty Juicy Juice jug which we put water in and took some other juices to drink as well. With all of this it made a nice relaxing picnic at the park. Shane even found a frisby which we threw around for a bit.

After walking the trails, we also found a spot to park where we could watch the tracks to see trains go by on this side of the river. While it’s not the perfect spot (no shade), it is a spot where you can see the tracks easily. We are still going to have to look to find a place that is both shady and a good view of the tracks.

Since we’ve decided that we need to go picnicing more often we have taken empty (juice) containers filled them partically with water and frozen them. When we are ready to fill the cooler, we top them off with water, and then we are able to both keep things cold, and have fresh water to drink.

As for Allyssa, she seemed to enjoy the park just fine. She definitely enjoyed her meals there, and was awake part of the time.

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