Two Week Checkup

Yesterday we had our two week checkup for Allyssa and everything is looking good. She’s up to a hefty 7 pounds 9 ounces, so she is above her birth weight by 5 ounces. She has been gaining weight at about 21 grams per day and they look for between 15 and 30 grams a day, so just about average weight gain. Darn, thought she was above average. :)

Ok, so I think she is above average, but I guess I have a biased opinion. I think it’s just wonderful when she reaches out and grabs my glasses, even if it is involuntary. Her arms get to flailing about and when her hand encounters anything, glasses, fingers, noses, hair, even the sensitive nipple once in a while, she grasps – and she has a strong grasp. If she doesn’t want to let it go, she won’t, and you just laugh and wait until something else interests her.

For me, life is getting back into normality again, if you can ever have a normal life after having children. Earlier this week we had some excitement, not baby related, but it kept me from getting work done that last couple of days. Unfortunately, the 55 gallon aquarium that WAS my baby sprung a leak. The fish were losing their home, so they were given away to the first person who was interested. All except for the large 14″ plecostomus that I had – she was delivered to Marineland in Onalaska, WI to be observed before being placed in one of the large aquariums at one of Gundersen Lutheran clinics in the area.

Well, that’s it for today – back to work for me.

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