Even bigger record

Last night (or should I say this morning?) Allyssa completely amazed us. As usual Wednesday night she became sleepy around midnight, sleepy but not necessarily asleep. She would doze a bit and then wake up again wanting a bit to eat. She ate around 1 am as usual and then fell asleep shortly after. She was asleep by 1:15-1:30. Nothing odd there.

Thursday morning though she didn’t wake me up at 7:30 as she usually did. Instead I woke up around 8:30 and she wasn’t awake yet. The lack of visible movement made me check that she was still breathing, which of course she was. I dozed lightly for a while, then noticed the time a little after 9. She was still sleeping, an occasional sound coming from her bassinet to keep worrying down. At 10:15 the phone rang and that woke Allyssa up.

Since I was like two geysers by then, I was more than happy to have her awake and hungry. While I certainly could have used some relief before she did wake up, I really didn’t want to cut her sleeping short. She continued this pattern last night – and I am hoping it continues forever.

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