Finally – some PICTURES!

Ok, so you are wondering WHEN we are going to get a digital camera and share some pictures with you. Well, that answer is YESTERDAY! Yes, finally we have a digital camera and can start taking and sharing pictures with you.

But first, the camera. On Monday, June 4th an e-mail came to me with a great price on a 10.1 Megapixel digital camera, the 10.1 Megapixel Digital Camera with 3X Optical Zoom and Large 2.5 Inch LCD
available at I had never heard of the brand before so the FIRST thing I did was read all of the CNET reviews and checked out the official page for the camera before buying. All of the reviews I read said basically the same thing, and they all only stated one drawback – that you couldn’t see the LCD screen in bright sunlight – but what LCD screen CAN you see in bright sunlight. So, on Monday I ordered it and it arrived on Wednesday, and yes, of course we have been playing with it!

To get you started with pictures, we went outside and took two pictures, one of each of us holding Allyssa. I will post those in the next two posts, as long as Blogger will let me actually UPLOAD photos – darn thing.

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