Finally, an update for you!

Wow, I can’t believe it has been over two months since our last post! Guess it’s time to give you all an update. Allyssa is almost 5 months old – well, she will be in exactly one week. It’s so hard to believe it, and she is growing so much, as you can see in this picture I took as she was waking up this morning. Even fresh out of bed, she is one HAPPY baby!

It’s really fun and uplifting to see her smile at us every time she sees us. She can be playing in her little “exer-saucer” toy that Grandma bought for her, or sleeping soundly with one of us. It doesn’t matter how long we have been gone, or if we just saw her 10 seconds ago. When she sees our faces, she lights up with joy. It’s also a lot of fun to try and make her laugh – which is pretty easy now. Just pretend like you are eating her feet or tickle her under the armpits and she goes crazy. She also loves to “fly” and crash into the cushy couch.

We’ve been slowly collecting some cute outfits for her to wear, but she quickly outgrows them. Today she has a fun, frilly outfit of pink and blue that, and although the pieces weren’t purchased as an outfit, they really go together nicely. Here she is pictured in that “exer-saucer” I mentioned above. She loves to stand up with someone’s help, and this toy lets her stand by herself and play. Some days, like today, she will play for a long time, while others she quickly becomes bored and lonely and wants to be held.

The only bad thing about being a dad is that now her poop has taken on a little bit of an odor. Not too pungent yet, but enough to let you know that she is dirty – and then she wants to be changed right away. This of course can be very difficult when you are away from home and someone forgets to put the baby wipes back in the diaper bag.

But now for some good news – she has started to accept drinking from a bottle. We have gone through many bottle and nipple types, and we finally found something that she seems to tolerate. Though she won’t go through a whole feeding on a bottle, it’s enough to let mom get out of the house once in a while. I think that will really help her sanity a bit – and mine.

I see now that Blogger let’s us easily add video to our blog posts, so I guess we need to get out that video camera, take some precious moments videos and share them with you. That is of course if I can find a piece of software that will take the wide screen video from our camera without distorting it. Until next time!

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