Happy 6 Months Allyssa!

That’s right, 6 MONTHS! Our sweet little Allyssa is finally 6 months old today. It’s been a lot of fun being a daddy and it gets better every day. It’s so great to watch her smile when she sees me for the first time every morning. She is always so very happy no matter what. Even when she is just relaxing on the couch (and daddy is taking pictures) she has a big smile.

We know that before long this will change, cause soon she will start to feel the pain for teething. Neither mommy nor daddy are looking forward to that. As a parent, it’s just so hard to see your children in pain, especially when there just isn’t much you can do about it.

I took about a dozen photos this evening and there isn’t a single one of them where she isn’t smiling. People say we must be blessed since we have such a wonderfully happy baby. I think it’s just because she knows she has the love and support of both her mommy and daddy.

You might still be able to see the small bruise on her forehead above her left eye. She had her first accident earlier this week. She was enjoying some rolling time on the living room floor while mommy and daddy were getting dinner ready. She found the cord to mommy’s PDA recharger that was sitting on top of the entertainment center and pulled it down on herself. She cried for a few minutes until daddy picked her up and then she seemed to be fine. A little ice on the bump while she was eating and the whole incident was quickly forgotten. It think it bothered mommy and daddy more then it did her, so the task of baby proofing has gone into full swing.

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