Starting to roll

Allyssa is now starting to roll. She has rolled from her back to her stomach a few times now. The first being last Thursday.

She had been on her back on her Pooh blanket, with a hanging toy over her to give her something to do. While she had been inching her way around underneath the toy for a while now, this was the first time she actually rolled from her back to her stomach. She had a hand trapped underneath her, which mom naturally assisted her with by getting it out from below. She was up against one of the legs of her toy stand, and since she wasn’t yet complaining about being on her tummy I left her be.

Next thing I knew she was once more on her back underneath her toy. Sad to say, I didn’t actually see her roll over, only the results of her roll.

She has since rolled from her back to her stomach a few more times, but other than that first time, she hasn’t yet figured out how to onto her back from her tummy yet. Unfortunately when we want her to try, instead she ends up frustratingly stranded on her tummy. I am sure though that soon she will be doing the full roll when she chooses.

Um, I started this post on 9/18 , but wanted a chance to look it over before I actually posted it.

Well, at least I can give an update. She is rolling from tummy to back as well as the other way around now. She seems to have control of this new skill which she can enjoy. Naturally she doesn’t do it all the time, but she likes to be active and rolling is now a part of the activities she enjoys.

Mom now wants a blanket the size of the entire floor that can be put down to keep her off the carpet itself, but we use what we have and she definitely enjoys her Pooh blanket.

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