Who needs a bottle?

So why should we bother with a bottle or a sippy when Allyssa is just as happy drinking right from the glass? The other day while sitting on the couch with Allyssa and drinking some water, she reached up for the glass. It looked as if she wanted to actually have a drink so I helped her get a drink. Probably a mistake, as now I can’t seem to hold her and enjoy anything without having to share it.

And here is the proof. Today I made some of my favorite Peanut Butter Chocolate malts for Laura and myself, and sure enough, Allyssa reached for the glass. Thinking “well maybe she won’t like this”, I shared some with her. She wouldn’t event let go of the glass! She kept her hands on it and wouldn’t event let me have any!

We found that she likes just about everything, from water (we have La Crosse Premium bottle water – no tap water for MY baby), malts and even fruit smoothies. It doesn’t seem to matter what I am drinking, she wants to share. I’ve been working with her, sharing, and teaching her how to share. I finally get to at least have some of what I am drinking – baby drool and all. And before you ask, no, it doesn’t enhance the flavor.

Later this month we are going to start her on solid food, well, what will pass for solid food for her. Rice cereal – mmm, sounds good! We’ll get some pictures and share them here with you.

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