In Transition

It’s been a little hectic here. We arrived up in the Twin City area on Wednesday and stayed that night at Super 8 in Cottage Grove. Shane had some problems dealing with the scent of their cleaning chemicals so on Thursday we moved to LivINN in Mapplewood a small chain of hotels which are more designed for long term stays and had an excellent rate ($150 a week less than Super 8’s rate).

We looked at a few places on Wednesday, and then on Thursday we saw one in Prescott, WI that we both really liked. It has 1400 sq ft, 3 BR 1 1/2 Bath, with an attached 2 car garage. It’s about 200 sq ft larger and 2 car rather than 1 car attached garage for just over 2/3 the cost then the one we were looking at in Cottage Grove. Definitely a much better value for the buck and only about a 15 minute drive for Shane. We learned on Monday that we are going to be able to move into this place on Dec 1st.

We spent time on Friday and Saturday trying to get a feel for the lay of the land and to find our way around. We spend a little bit of time going to a couple of furniture stores and looking to see what we would like to put into our new home. Never hurts to do a bit of dreaming (or planning depending on who you ask).

We had intended to spend some time in Prescott on Sunday. Instead, on our way there, we lost part of the muffler. When we had our last oil change last month, Shane had specifically asked that they look over the exhaust which they said it was ok, but it certainly shouldn’t have rusted out in a month… Anyway we ended up spending 3 1/2 hours on Sunday, trying to find a place open that would do muffler work. When we finally did find someone, they weren’t able to get the necessary parts.

On Monday, Shane started his first day at his new job. On his way into work, he took the van to a dealership for the exhaust work. He used their courtesy shuttle to get to work, but once he received the quote, he certainly wasn’t going to have them do the work. The other big thing that happened on Monday is that Shane stayed LATE his first day of work. It was 11 pm before he left work. He had things that would keep him busy, but part of the delay was that he was receiving a ride back from a co-worker. (Who ended up working until 3 am once he arrived home.)

Today, Allyssa and I rode in with Shane. Once we dropped him off, we then went around Cottage Grove getting quotes for exhaust work. On the up side, we were able pick up Daddy and go out to Chinese buffet for lunch together.

One of the places that I stopped at was a full service garage. When I asked them for a quote, they actually recommended that we go to Muffler Doctor’s saying that’s who they send all their muffler work to, because they do great work, have the best prices, and have the parts. According to the owner I talked to, it’s also the only other garage in town he recommends for any work. You know a garage is good when another garage recommends them. I had already been to Muffler Doctor’s when I stopped in and they did have a far better price than the other quotes we had. This was where we ended up getting the work done.

Besides all this we have finally had a chance to start Allyssa on cereal. While we had intended to at her 6 month birthday, with everything so up in the air as to whether we were moving, and then packing and worrying about finding a place we kept delaying it. Well now, even though we are living in basically a hotel room so space is at a premium, we have the time to work on cereal. She has been enjoying it, and has been extremely quick in understanding how a spoon works. Not that she is using the spoon, none of us are ready for that mess yet.

Well currently, Allyssa and I do not have any plans for tomorrow; we’ll just see what tomorrow brings.

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