Yes, it’s Thanksgiving already, and we have been able to spend it with family. Yesterday, we drove back to Trempealeau so that we could be with family. This morning Shane made homemade Parmesan herb rolls which we baked at my dad’s for Thanksgiving.

At dad’s we had our traditional huge family Thanksgiving dinner. It was wonderful to see family which we haven’t seen in months. I had a great time and it was wonderful to see my cousins, aunts, and uncle. My cousin Jean Ann has undertaken the planning and organization of our traditional huge dinner since my mother died. And this is greatly appreciated by me. As strange as it sounds I think her taking over the planning as made things easier and less likely to have family squabbles over it.

Personally I also enjoy the fact that she has added meatballs to the menu. I know that I certainly appreciate the fact that I don’t have to either eat a bit of turkey (which I absolutely hate) or do without meat for the meal.

We stayed at dad’s until almost 7 pm at which time we went to Shane’s mom’s. His family had decided that they weren’t getting together en masse. When we arrived at Karen’s we found her on floor. She had fallen and wasn’t able to get up on her own. She had taken a nap there for almost two hours when we arrived. Both Shane and myself were needed to help her back on her feet. While she has Life Alert, she wasn’t wearing it when she fell. Hopefully she’ll remember to wear it more in the future.

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