Yes, I know, it’s been a while again since our last update, and here it is Christmas evening and you are all wondering just how Christmas went for the Lambert Family here in our new home in Prescott, Wisconsin. So I felt it was time for an update for everyone. Christmas, Allyssa’s first, though a bit lean with all of the expenses of a big move, was, to date, the most enjoyable one of my life. Why? Quite simply it was my first as a daddy. I’ve played Santa for Christmas many times for my nieces and nephews, and always delighted in the joy on their face as they opened gifts. But this was the first year I got to see that excitement in the eyes of my own daughter. Nothing compares to that, nothing.

This year we decided to spend both Christmas Eve and Christmas day at home, just the three of us, as a family. Yes, we missed seeing everyone today but we felt it was important for the three of us, in our new home, on our first Christmas as a family, to spend some time together. We’ll get together with the rest of the family in the next couple of weeks. I know some family members are a bit upset with us, but with the new job so far away from home it was just too hard to travel this year.

But before I get going on that subject, take a look at our beautiful Christmas tree. As many of you know, I worked a couple of seasons on a Christmas tree farm, and became very familiar with the different types of trees. This is the first year I have have a real Christmas tree in our home and I wanted it to be a perfect tree. I only stopped at two places before finding this beautiful 7′ tall white pine with no holes or bare spots. Even after standing in the corner for the last two weeks it’s still nearly perfect. And I was able to convince Laura to allow me to only place white lights on the tree, but I had to give up any gold ornaments that I wanted. Compromises may have been made, but I am still happy with the end result.

And let’s not forget Laura, her first Christmas as a mommy. I can only hope it’s everything she could have wanted. There will be a lot more of them, but this first one is always the most memorable. Thank you Laura for being a wonderful partner, and for helping me bring the joy of Christmas to our beautiful daughter. Obviously, I couldn’t have done any of this without you.

Merry Christmas to all, and here’s hoping everyone a wonderful New Year! (Perhaps we will post more next year, but don’t bet the Christmas Fund on it!)

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