A New Year – A New Look – A New Outlook

Well, it’s a new year, and everything so far is going great up here in the frozen north. We had a bit of hard luck with the van last week, and had to have the front brakes replaced, which was a $343 maintenance bill we really didn’t need this early in the year. It is nice to know however that at least the van is safe to drive again – after all, I haul around some of the most important cargo in the world – my family.

As for a new outlook, well, that has to do with how much I work. I have decided that I will no longer work for other clients outside of work on any week day. This way, when I get home from the office, I (hopefully) will not have to do any more work. I can enjoy a movie, play a game with the wife, or play with Allyssa. Hopefully this will give me more time and energy to keep you updated on what is going on with the family!

While I am on the subject, for those of you that don’t know, Allyssa has started to cut some teeth – one on the bottom so far, with many more to come. Surprisingly it doesn’t seem she is having a lot of pain from this. She gets cranky once in a while, but we can’t tell if it’s from teething pain or if she is just tired. I am sure she will have a lot more pain as more come in, but rest assured, we are ready for it! She doesn’t let us get a good look inside her mouth, so don’t be looking for any pictures, yet.

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