The First Steps

Well, here we are, 9 months old and finally getting mobile! Yes folks, these are pictures of Allyssa standing on her own taking some of her first steps. That grin on her face makes me think – is she saying “YES! Finally, I am free”, or “What, you didn’t think I could do it?” It’s times like this when I realize how wonderful it is to be a dad – or maybe how terrible it’s going to be having to chase my daughter around the house!

No, actually, I look forward to this – taking her for a walk in the park, the joy she will have as she realizes how much mischief she can get into, and the stress off my back of having to carry her around all the time. Yeah, I know, she’s still young, but hey, a man can dream right? Until those dreams become a reality, I will cherish every moment I have to carry her – and miss it when she’s too big to be held by her daddy.

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