Exploring new possibilities

No, I am not looking at a new job already, this post is about Allyssa. While visiting with Grandma today Allyssa found a new toy that she doesn’t quite understand. For those of you that can’t make it out, it’s a toy level that actually works – we’ve used it to hang pictures! It is such a joy to watch Allyssa learn by exploring, building her brain to be as smart as mommy and daddy – or maybe smarter.

I wouldn’t say my daughter is a genius, though wouldn’t that be cool, but she’s walking already which we haven’t decided if that is good or bad. I know, lot’s of babies walk at 9 months, but if you are a parent then you know the joy of seeing your child take her first steps. The glow in her face as she realizes she is no longer a rug-rat, but a toddler. Of course she doesn’t know what those words mean, but at least she can get around. And so the journey begins…

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