First Easter

A world of firsts lies ahead of Allyssa and our family as she approaches her first birthday next month. We’ve already had so many, the first Thanksgiving, the first Christmas, her first booster shots. Here we have another first, her first Easter – and there she is on the easter egg hunt with dad with her first easter egg – imagine that, it’s purple! We are at Grandma’s today with the rest of the family for easter, even if it is only Saturday. We’ll spend tomorrow with Laura’s family.

And Allyssa is really getting into it, reaching out for eggs that she finds. Ok, daddy found it and pointed it out to her, but she was having a ball trying to get it. It was also fun to see Allyssa find all of her eggs first (with daddy’s help). At mom’s, she has these plastic eggs filled with money and candy, and each grandchild gets the same number of eggs, each with their own color. It’s not really a contest to see who finds them all first, but NYAH, Allyssa won!

Of course, it wasn’t all fun and games, she also took some time to hang with her cousin Heather. Look at her expression – “we come all this way only to have you ignore me and talk on the darn phone?” Come on Heather, hang up the phone and have fun with the family. Your friends will see you on Monday!

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