Allyssa the Toy

Someone once told me that Allyssa should have her own place to keep her things to help her build her independence. So we decided to give her the bottom two shelves on the book shelf in the living room to keep her toys. Of course, they don’t usually stay there and she hasn’t yet learned to put things away, well, except for herself.

The other day we saw her trying to crawl up onto the toy shelf for some reason. We didn’t get a picture then and we wished we had. Then today she did it again. For no reason, she clears off the bottom shelf then climbs in. I love my daughter and I love playing with toys, but even I think this is going too far! At least she is starting to put things on the shelf – maybe we should teach her that toys go on the shelf, and the baby belongs in daddies arms where he can love and protect her forever.

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