Losing Weight

Those of you who know me know that I need to lose weight, a lot of it. So this past weekend I started a new weight loss program, the Extreme Regime. It’s designed to burn fat and detox the body and help you lose weight quickly. Well, maybe not quickly, but lose it nonetheless. I am currently weighing in at a hefty 245 pounds, and my goal with this regime is to get myself down below 200 by the end of the year.

I’ll keep you update to date here, but will share most of my progress and research on my new blog, Down to 200. I am sure that I will start to lose some of the excess baggage, but more importantly I am going to learn how to eat better and maintain that weight. This will be some time in the works of course, but if it works for me, I’ll put you all in touch with the wonderful Dr. Heidi who can help you as well! I’ll start this off with my before picture – and no, I am not showing my hideous overgrown belly. Enjoy.

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