Moving again?

No, don’t get excited, yet. This post isn’t about moving back to the La Crosse area. It has only to do with moving our blog yet again. I grew ever tired of Blogger constantly being down, and after using WordPress on a few other projects, have decided to install the software, add the plugins and themes I want, and run the thing on my own servers once again. With this move we also have a new look, though that may not stay forever – you know how fickle I can be.

With moving to a system that won’t be down when I want to post, maybe, just maybe we will update you more often. Of course, having Blogger be down when I wanted to post isn’t the only reason I haven’t posted anything lately. Mostly it’s because I am lazy – come on, you knew that already. Also, since leaving my full time job back in August (you knew that too) I find myself not wanting to be around the computer much during the day, and spending too much time with Allyssa.

I know, you can never spend too much time with your children, but when you don’t get your work done, you don’t get paid. And when the first of the month rolls around and you don’t have the income to pay the bills, you will understand what I mean by “spending too much time with Allyssa”.

The sad thing is that I don’t really spend too much time with her. I am spending too much time moving web sites around, playing with new software and trying new ways to generate income that I just don’t seem to get the work done. That’s going to change, which likely means not very many posts from me – but what’s new?

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