Now in Kansas City, MO

Yes, we have now been in Kansas City for a little more than a week.  We are attempting to settle in which includes the process of attempting to find new places to store all your things.   One of the things that makes this process a little harder in our new home, is that it’s an older complex.  It was built in the mid-sixties from what I found, and naturally it doesn’t have all the closets and storage areas that newer homes now have.  We are taking it bit by bit, and we do have a storage area on site which will help with this.

One of the things I really like about this place is that it has an enclosed outdoor area.  It has a 4′ stone wall and than a 5 – 6′  wood fence above that, so it’s nice and private.  It’s going to make a wonderful play area for Allyssa once we have a few toys out there for her to play with.    It’s a northern exposure and right now in it’s completely in the shade of the building which I personally LOVE.  I’m told that as summer approaches it will receive some sun, but I actually prefer the shade because how sensitive I am to sunburn.  Yes I am much more sensitive to sunburn than Allyssa is.  I can and have been burned just sitting under shade trees, and at the same time she’ll barely turn the lightest pink.  When I pink up under the trees she doesn’t in the slightest.

The other really nice thing about this place is the fireplace.  It has a brick enclosed woodburning fireplace in the living room.  We arrived last Friday, Feb 27th, and on Saturday we had to purchase some wood to burn in the fireplace.  It was really nice to have a fire on Saturday and Sunday.

Allyssa and I have been to one playdate so far, and intend to go to more.  We have also found a park where she loves the slides, the library and Barnes & Nobles (the last 2 for their storytimes).  I have found some mother’s forums in the area so that we will meet others for us to get to know.

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