We cleared out our storage locker!

Yeah, we have finally managed to clear out the 10×20 storage locker we have had in Trempealeau, WI since fall of 2006.  Of course we haven’t lived in Trempealeau since Nov of 2007, but we still kept our storage locker there.

Well today we finally have that storage locker completely cleaned out.  Of course it took two additional trips to visit family in Holmen, WI since our move to Kansas City last month.  But it’s good to see family.

It’s great the storage locker is all cleared out, the not so great thing is that now everything that was in the storage locker which we’re keeping and haven’t been able to take to Kansas City yet are now in a 10×12 storage locker in Trempealeau.

Why all the trouble to move it from one locker to another?  Well, originally we had intended to take everything down to Kansas City with us last weekend when we were in town.  We had planned our trip to do many things all in a long weekend.  These things included going to the La Crosse and Three Rivers Train Show, a party on his side that combined Shane’s birthday, Allyssa’s birthday, and Easter, as well as the moving of our things in the storage locker.

Unfortunately things did not work out that way.  In the end we were not able to rent a truck to haul our things to Kansas City.  And since we had planned on having it all out by April 1st, Shane had given notice on the locker.  When we found out that we wouldn’t be able to get a truck we attempted to see if we could keep the locker another month, but unfortunately they already had it rented out for April.  So we needed to find an alternative.  We did.  It was a different storage facility in Trempealeau, and it was a little smaller.

Last weekend we donated some of the furniture we had in storage which we decided we weren’t keeping to a nearby church rummage sale.  And then started moving things to our new unit.  We had things about 3/4ths of the way moved before we left town last Tuesday, but it was raining on Tuesday and we really didn’t want to finish the move in the rain with an open pickup truck.

We make the 8 or so hours drive to family yesterday, and today we managed in three loads to move everything we had left to the storage locker.  The few last remaining things that we did not want when to his mother’s for curbside pickup.  (Whether it be freecyle or trashman we don’t care at this point.)

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