3rd try is the charm…

We had been planning to go grocery shopping since we arrive back in home Tuesday night. Turns out that Shane’s out of state payroll check was being held by the bank for 5 business days, which meant it was suppose to available on Thursday.

Thursday night comes around, and we are all ready to go grocery shopping. Just before we leave, Shane checks his account. The funds were NOT available. Talk about being rather frustrating! Perhaps it is a good thing that there isn’t a local branch of the bank we are having the problems with. This way it makes even more sense to change to a local bank. Now we just have to take the time to do so, with both our personal and business accounts.

First thing Friday morning though, we found the funds were available so we decided to go Friday night. We ended up with a late start getting out of the house. Since there is a Cinzzetti’s near the Whole Foods Market we were planning on shopping at, we decided to eat there then shop.  It’s never a good idea to grocery shop on an empty stomach.

Cinzzetti’s is a bit different that many Italian restaurants, it’s basically an Italian buffet, and it’s wonderful.  I highly recommend it to everyone.  When we finished eating, it was 8:50.  Our problem was that the grocery store closed at 9.  Nothing like everything conspiring against us, huh? Well luckily enough for us 3rd time was the charm.  We were able to actually get our groceries this afternoon.

allyssa-slide.jpgOf course that isn’t the only thing we did this afternoon.  Much to Allyssa’s enjoyment we also squeezed in some time at Loose Park.  It’s one of her favorite places, since it has slides.  Of course, chasing Allyssa around the park makes enough exercise for mom and/or dad.  This picture was actually taken on Wednesday, the 1st.  But it still shows how much she enjoys the slides.

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