Chuck E Cheese

This morning Allyssa and I went to Chuck E Cheese to meet some other area moms and kids.  While she started out quite shy, Allyssa warmed up to the other kids before we left.  There were two boys there that are not quite 2 months younger than she is.  And I believe a good time was had by all.

While at first she wasn’t sure about the rides or games, she found a car that was near where we sat, that she dearly loved.  And then to top things off as far as Allyssa was concerned they also had a slide she could go on.  Talk about a place having it all in her eyes.

After we left Chuck E Cheese, we went to Michael’s.  There we purchased a small stool for Allyssa.  When we were at my dad’s last month, Allyssa liked sitting on a box to put her shoes on.  So we have now purchased her a small stool so she can sit down and put her shoes on like daddy.

Since I feel as if I’m in the home stretch for the cross stitch project I’m currently working on, we also stopped at Border’s to check what cross stitch magazines they have.  I did find one magazine with something I would be interested in doing but since the magazine is originally from England it’s about $12.  I am debating whether or not the design is worth such a high price, currently.

I also asked at Michael’s to find out if perhaps there was a speciality cross stitch shop in the area.  I’m really looking for a local shop to purchase the evenweave I use instead of aida cloth.  While they didn’t have it, or really know of any speciality shops they did tell me where the nearest Hancock Fabrics, and JoAnne’s are.

While I was checking out JoAnne’s, Allyssa decided that it was definitely nap time, and slept in the cart while I browsed the store.  JoAnne’s does have a small selection of evenweave in packages, but it’s all in precut sizes and a limited color range.  Not really what I was looking for but I had to check.

After we left JoAnne’s we came directly home.  Allyssa slept the entire way, and barely woke up to get in out of the car.  Once we came in, I thought that would be the end of nap time.  Boy was I wrong.  While we sat in a chair nursing for a little bit, she really wanted to go lay down.  Which we did.  With a bit more milk she ended up sleeping for about 3 more hours.  (Okay she woke up once or twice for a few minutes but not very long, and went back to sleep each time.)  She’s either fighting something off, or having a growth spurt, or both, or it might be related to her teething since she is getting a few more teeth in as well.  Both daddy and I are having sinus/cold issues which she may or may not be sharing.

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