Union Station

We had an early start today.  Shane had plans, but he hadn’t double checked the dates.  Apparently the computer he’s using had Monday listed as the start of the week rather than Sunday and that threw off his calendar.  So we had some change of plans needless to say.

Since we had an early start to the day and no plans, we ended up deciding to check out Union Station.  Being the train buffs we are we had decided to see the KC Rail Experience.  We are not sure if we missed something of the show or not, but there didn’t seem to be much to the display.  It was informative, but Allyssa doesn’t like standing in one area long enough to listen to the narration, and certainly doesn’t want to stand there while you read a display.  Which is probably why it seemed a bit small to me.

There had been a slight mix up with our tickets and we were able to get into Science City as well.  There was certainly a lot there for children to do, learn and see. It was more for children older than Allyssa but we still found lots to do, and she had a great time.

With the ticket mix up, we were also able to see a show in the planetarium.  I liked what I saw of the show, but by then I was so tired from the early rising and walking all over Science City that I ended up dozing off and missing part of the show.

We enjoyed the day so much, we are talking about purchasing a membership to KC Union Station.  If we go more than 2 times as a family the membership will pay for itself.  Another reason to consider it, is that they have a Half Pint Program which is aimed towards children 3-6.  While Allyssa would be a bit young for that at the moment, she is a very smart girl and won’t always be too young.  Besides the Half Pint program is 1/2 price for members.

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