What to play…

Well today we went and did a bit of shopping here.  Our tax return finally made it’s appearance and naturally we went to spend some of it.  We ended up at Micro Center.  There we purchased a 26″ Sharp flat panel T.V..  Shane wanted to use it for both a T.V. in the bedroom and something he could use as a second monitor.  While it works as a monitor, it’s not perfect.  Basically the resolution is smaller than he hoped and it’s a bit too big to fit comfortably on the desk.  He’s using it for now, but is likely to pick up a different monitor once the funds from his Pell grant arrive.

While we were out, we also purchased a Play Station 3.  We had talked about purchasing a Blue Ray player, but of the difference in price it made more sense to pick up the PS3.  While we purchased a second controller for it, we haven’t purchased any games for it yet.  We decided it made more sense to get a GameFly subscription and rent the games first.  We also have several PS2 games which we haven’t played since our PS2 died with a drive problem.

Besides all this, Shane recently introduced me to Mafia Wars on FaceBook.  And from there I’ve also seen Vampire Wars and Pirates: Rule the Caribbean!  I’ve found them to be rather addictive.  As you can see we now have plenty to play around here.

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