Long time no post…

It has been ages since I last posted to this blog.  According to my looking through the past posts it appears like my past post was on May 24th.  If you have read anything of this blog since, you can see that much has happened since then.  I won’t bore anyone with the repeating of what you know has happened.  Instead I will attempt to do an update on some of the things that haven’t been posted. Please do not think this is a complete list of other things that have occurred but it is some of them.

Currently when we’re out and about, Allyssa has two favorite games.  They are both where you each take turns either counting or going through the alphabet.  She now get bored counting somewhere in the mid to late thirties, but typically we will only count up to twenty and then switch sides. We will also switch sides when doing the alphabet and she knows them both very well.  We are working with some flash cards,  the only word she always recognizes right now is “ice cream” but she will go though the letters and the pictures of all the other flash cards easily.

Allyssa has unfortunately started trying to be a picky eater.  Perhaps that’s the wrong way to put it, it would be more accurate to say that she often decides that she doesn’t want to eat when it’s meal time.  She’ll say she’s not hungry then, but just after we leave the table she’ll want some sort of treat be it M&Ms or cookies, or whatever.

Eating isn’t the only thing that Allyssa can be stubborn about.  She’s also that way about potty-training.  Yes, we are currently working on potty training, but progress seems to be very slow.  We have even purchased big girl panties for her but even that doesn’t seem to be incentive enough to try to remember to use the potty rather than go when- and wherever.  When we are home she is on the potty for 15-30 minutes every hour, but she still seems to be able to go when she’s not on the potty.  Sometimes I think she misses, because she is still sitting in the high chair because she hasn’t finished eating yet.  But as much as I want her potty trained, she has to eat more than 2 or 3 bites of food for a meal.  (Yes supper tonight was a bad night for her and eating.  The sad part of that is what we had for supper was tacos and refried beans which normally she really likes.  But not tonight apparently.)

Well those are my thoughts for the moment, I’ll try to post more again later.  Promise not to hold your breath though.

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