On the home front…

Well, Shane has finally received his first paycheck.  (He is only paid twice a month, not every 2 weeks.)  This of course naturally started us thinking of when would we be able to move out of his mother’s.  Part of what we want to be able to do is buy a house in the future when Shane has his teaching position.  To be able to do that, naturally we have to put money aside now, while he is making a good wage from his programming.

So how do you pay rent and put money aside?  Well, you either find the cheapest possible place to rent… or you try to buy a cheap trailer house.  To this end, we believe we have found something that could suit our purposes.  It’s an older trailer house, 1976 or 1977, a 14×70 with 3 bedrooms and 1 3/4 bath.  It’s very rough right now, but at the price we would be able to go in and make improvements before moving in.  Naturally we wouldn’t be able to make all the improvements we want right away, but enough to satisfy our immediate needs.  Then we would be able to move in and plan to make other changes over time.

If this works out not only would we have the space we need (including an office for Shane), we would also be able to put money aside for a down payment for a home in three years when Shane graduates.  Please wish us luck, we can use all the help we can find.

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