Tired little girl

Today Shane had an operating session, and Allyssa and I had a leisurely day at home.  She hadn’t wanted a nap, but I hadn’t been overly worried since she sometimes doesn’t take one.  But, as one can see, apparently she should have. Asleep at the table She was slowly eating her supper, so slowly in fact that Shane had finished his and I was doing the dishes while she was attempting to eat more.  In the few minutes my back was turned she actually fell asleep at the table.

I was very surprised when I turned around and saw her asleep rather than slowly eating her food, so I had to go get Shane who was working on his finals.  After a little bit she woke up a bit, at least enough to lay down on the couch rather than at her highchair.  She never did finish her dinner because she ended up taking a fairly long snooze.  Not to worry though, she ended up having some peanut butter bread later (one of her favorite snacks) and some popcorn.  Unfortunately, I knew from prior experience that she wouldn’t sleep the night through, so I knew she’d be up later and she was.

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