Big Girl and May Day Pie Snit

Allyssa had her 3 year check up last week, and her doctor said she is doing good.  She is about 52% for her height and her weight was at the 25 or 26%.  So she is growing steadily and is just a tall lean girl.  There was an entire questionnaire for me to fill out so they could determine if her development is on schedule and apparently it is.  One of the questions as whether or not she speaks in 3-4 word sentences and then they wanted examples.  Naturally I can’t think of examples off the top of my head so I went with what Allyssa says while we where there,  which included:  “Can I have Thomas and Percy back now, please?”  She had taken her Thomas and Percy engines in, and I was carrying them for her at the time.

We have been working on potty training, but for a while it was tough going.  So bad that one day she had been sitting on her potty for over an hour  with no success, and less than 5 minutes after getting up off it, she had an “accident”.  Needless to say, I wasn’t so thrilled with all of this.  It felt as if she was being deliberately obstinate.  We had tried telling her that if she went an entire day without any accidents we’d buy her some more big girl panties and/or go to the “indoor park”. Then suddenly last Thursday she just decided that it was time apparently.  She had no accidents on Thursday at all.  Shane and I were both incredibly proud of her.

On Friday, we had a long day planned.  Shane was autocrating the May Day Pie Snit aka Pie Snit III, in Taylor, WI on Saturday.  We had some shopping and two people to pick up that day before heading up to Taylor.  Since it was easier to spend the night on site than go up on Friday to clean it and back early Saturday for the event.  One of the things we did was purchase Allyssa some more big girl panties, while we were taking care of our other errands.  And while we had long periods of time while driving and doing other things where a bathroom wasn’t available, she did extremely well on Friday as well.  No accidents at all!  Another proud day for Shane and I.

With the event on Saturday, Shane and I were busy.  While I was needed indoors, Allyssa kept wanting to go on the play equipment there.  Luckily for her, there was a girl at the event who agreed to play outside with her.  On the flip side, because Shane and I were so busy it was hard for us to reminder her to go to the bathroom.  In fact at one time, when I went out to reminder her to try, she had just had an accident.  Later, she was coming to get me, didn’t quite get to mom in time.  Therefore another accident.  But I really couldn’t blame her, she was in the early stages of training, and did need reminding.  She also tried to tell me, but wasn’t quite quick enough.   But today has been good.

Well, May Day Pie Snit was a really small event.  We had thought we would have more attendance then we did since the Queen was there, but at the last minute a number of practices and moots and turned up in the areas where we would normally draw our attendance from.  Even though it was small event, I believe it was enjoyed by all who attended.

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