Ordering a camera

Sometime this past summer, our well loved 10.1 MP camera which we purchased when Allyssa was a few weeks old, decided to go missing.  We apparently hadn’t used it in a while, and at some point it went missing.  Well, it was not found in the packing, cleaning, or moving from Karen’s.  Shane has found the camera case, but not the camera so I am under the firm opinion that it’s gone MIA.

So one of the things I wanted this Christmas was a new one.  We talked about getting one to use in a new web venture more on that when we get it up and running.  While both Shane and I would love to be able to purchase a Digital SLR it’s really not within our price range currently.  Instead I started with a price range of what we could afford, and started researching online.  I was really looking at a refurbished Kodak M580 (in purple naturally) it had some good reviews, and all the bad reviews seemed to center mainly around it freezing some of the time, but Kodak put out a firmware upgrade that fixed that–which several reviews mentioned fixed the problem as well.  And the ones that didn’t, were complaining that you while it had on camera selection of where you wanted to upload your photos, ie FB, Flickr, YouTube, etc you had to connect to the computer (and internet) to upload them.  Idiots, naturally you have to have some sort of network connection to upload your pictures.  I see no reason for them to build WiFi into a camera–even if they have built it into a SD card sd (they call it eye-fi).

When I was ready to purchase they didn’t have any refurbished ones remaining at the price I was looking at, so I widened my search a bit.  In the end I found that the Panasonic DMC-FH20 had better reviews both with users and professional reviews.  Both cameras are 14 MP with 8X optical (wide angle) zooms.  But since the Pansonic had better reviews, and they’re within $5 online, I decided that is the one I wanted.

Well I ordered it last night, and now am impatiently awaiting it’s arrival to actually play with it.  I must say, that I did go to play with a FH22 at Best Buy  since the only real difference is that the 22 has a touchscreen whereas the 20 does not.  In the store the FH22 took some nice sharp pictures of little girl (aka Allyssa) with zoom etc.  If it weren’t for the fact the store only carried black and didn’t have any up front (might have had some in the back but I didn’t wait to find out),  I might have come home with one last night.

Naturally with the camera MIA that means it’s SD card is as well.  So when I ordered the camera I also found a good buy on SDHD cards.  I ended up finding a 8GB Class 6 card.  If like me you didn’t know the difference in classes apparently the higher the class the faster it writes/records.  We had been to Office Max prior and they had a Kodak 4GB Class 4 card on sale for $12.99 and this was faster and twice the size for the same price.  Definitely received the better end of the deal ordering it with the camera and free shipping.

Now I am very impatiently awaiting the arrival of my package which is scheduled somewhere between January 6 and January 10th.  As soon as I have it I’ll put it good use, and I perhaps I’ll even remember to post some here….

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