Snow Angels

Well today as a family we decided it was time to make snow angels.  This is actually the first time that Allyssa has made snow angels; for various reasons, temperature being one of the main ones.  While it was still a bit chilly, today actually worked well for the three of us.  The snowbanks here are about 2 ft tall (the ones by the sidewalks anyway).  So Shane helped her on and off of the snowbanks while I took a few pictures.

She was having a great time making several snow angels.  Then Shane and Allyssa walked to Family Dollar, to pick up some treats.  Then this evening she’s been running around the Living Room with her cousin Zach.  Hopefully she’ll sleep well this evening.  Naturally it’s a bit early to tell yet, but we can hope.

Yesterday, Allyssa and I walked to the BP which is across the street from the Family Dollar both of which are about 2-3 blocks from the house.  Of course, Allyssa was just as wrapped up yesterday as she is in these pictures so she didn’t get cold, except perhaps for a bit of chill in her cheeks.  Mom on the other hand was very cold.  The little wind we had still managed to cut directly through my jeans and other exposed parts, like face, ears, fingers… well you get the picture.

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