Change of Plans

Last week I learned of a Homeschool Co-Op in Hudson, which offers classes for homeschool students.  These classes are once a week for three hours.  These classes are to help the children learn to work with others as well as supplement their learning. This will give Allyssa an opportunity to both learn and socialize in what I think will be a beneficial manner.  You can find more about the program here.

These classes are on Monday Mornings and will mean that she will not be able to go to the Wish Upon a Ballet and Fabulous Fitness classes we had planned on for her.  Instead I’m still looking into trying to get her into a dance or martial arts class that will work with our new schedule.

A nice side benefit of our finding this in Hudson is the fact that next spring we still plan on moving to Hudson or River Falls so she won’t be leaving her new friends behind when we move.  Not that it would be that far to drive to Woodbury but closer would be better naturally.

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