Holy Flurking Schnitt – A Post!

Hey, stop checking to see if the ground is frozen – Hell has not frozen over – yet. I just thought it might be nice to share a few things here. No promises that I will do this again in the next year, but you never know. Some of us actually have real lives and just don’t have time to waste updating you on what we are doing. Besides, where is YOUR blog?

The Job

The OfficeOk, I’ll be nice. First of all, I am happy to say that yes, I am still gainfully employed with the same company I started with back on August 1st, 2011. And the job just keeps getting better. Last month, the company opened a new office right here in Woodbury – about a mile and a half from my house. I love the 5 minute commute.

See that picture – can you believe that is my office? Yep, that’s the entire Aladtec Engineering team (except for me, I took the picture) in the main area of our new office shooting pool. Do you have a pool table right outside your office? And yes, we do actually take time to get work done.

The Daughter

Allyssa and the DoodlebugCan you believe she is six years old already? That’s her to the left running the Doodlebug during Ed Klein’s last operating session on his Great Northern railroad. He is getting ready to do some work in his basement so he can sell this house and build a great new railroad at a new place. Allyssa loves trains! I know, surprise, right?

She’ll be taking a dance class next month – maybe that will be enough reason to write more posts. A few weeks ago we bought a Wii (Yes, finally) and she is loving it. We play games every Tuesday night, sometimes on the Wii, sometimes the PS3, and sometimes we actually break out some board games. She is still home schooled, but we are considering enrolling her in public school next year as we haven’t been able to find enough friends for her to socialize with yet.

The Future

I don’t think anyone can tell the future, and quite honestly I don’t think I would want to. I like surprises! Currently I have absolutely no interest in leaving my job for anything, so a steady income is in our future. We need to be looking at a new vehicle soon – the black beast just went over 250,000 miles and is starting to have issues. Nothing serious, that usual nickel and dime stuff they do at that age. Not sure what we will be getting, but something will be needed soon.

Will there be future posts? Sure, but nobody knows when they will happen. Consider yourself lucky that this one happened – because dinner is ready and I want to eat the BBQ Ribs I just finished cooking!

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