American Family Insurance? Hell No!

After several years with State Farm Insurance I thought it was a good time to check out if I can get a better auto insurance quote elsewhere. I had several companies send me quotes including eSurance, Progressive, All State and American Family. The first three had quotes that were similar or higher than my current insurance, so no reason to switch to them. American Family however came back nearly $50 less per month. I guess that should have been a sign!

Before I tell you the whole story, let me remind those that don’t remember that we had tried American Family in the past. The agent back then quoted us a rate, so we signed the papers and paid the first month. Then the insurance came back almost $100 per month more than what was quoted. We ended up canceling the policy and going with State Farm, who’s quote was higher but still less than the new quote from American Family. And the rate remained basically the same for three years. Until we had a couple of claims. Then it jumped up a bit.

So, you’d think that I would be weary after seeing the new quote from American Family. Guess what, I WAS! I specifically asked the agent if this quote was an estimate or the final quote. He responded with “I don’t like surprises. The three that I sent you are good to go.” I had even explained what happened the last time. So, on Thursday we went to his office and signed the papers. We handed the agent a check for the first month. With that, I contacted State Farm to cancel our policy.

Good deal, right? I mean, we are going to be saving $50 per month. WRONG! I get an email from the agent this morning with the subject line of “PLEASE OPEN THIS ASAP!!!!!“. Yeah, not a good sign. Anyone want to guess what the issue is? If you said “the rate is higher than you were quoted”, then you would be correct. For a second time, American Family Insurance has quoted me one rate then raised it by nearly $100 after we pay for the first month. For the second time! 

Sorry American Family, no third strike for you. A complaint has been filed and the policy has been canceled. Remember that I had told my State Farm agent to cancel my policies on Friday and they had postponed collecting payment on Saturday. I called them back and they were able to “cancel” my “cancel” request. So nice. I just had to pay them my monthly premium which had been due on Saturday. In the future, I won’t even ask American Family for a quote.

2 thoughts on “American Family Insurance? Hell No!

  1. if your exact premiums are coming in that much higher after the application is submitted— it’s blatantly obviously that you have a TERRRIBLE driving record… and most likely, you weren’t honest with the American family agent when he or she asked about your driving record to begin with.

  2. No, we don’t have a “terrible” driving record. We have ZERO tickets in the last 7 years. We have had three claims in two years, ALL of which were reported to the agent. I specifically asked him if he pulled our driving record and he said yes. He even asked us about all 3 items on the record! I made a point to ask him, THREE TIMES, if the rate he gave us had already gone through underwriting, and he told me it had. He outright LIED to me, because I contacted American Family after and said that underwriting had not been contacted until AFTER I paid the first month. That is dishonest. And seeing that it happened to me TWICE, it appears to be company policy. For the record, I did switch carriers, and the quote I was given before I paid was the rate I am paying still to this day.

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