An Update? After Almost 3 Years? Seriously?

Yep, almost three years for an update. Why? Well, I just haven’t had a whole lot to say, or maybe because I have been too busy, or maybe I am lazy. Whatever you believe, it’s just been a long time. I think most of my updates are done through Facebook and in person, so why duplicate it here? OK, I guess I can try to use this site more often to share news about our family.

The rest of 2013

The last time I posted an update I told you that I was still gainfully employed. Although I am still gainfully employed, I moved to a Front End Developer position at Wells Fargo in November for an 18 month contract. Other than that, 2013 was pretty much life as usual.

2014 Update

2014 was a pretty interesting year for us. In May I was offered a full-time position at Wells Fargo, and then moved into a Lead Developer where I do less programming and more mentoring of developers. This is where I wanted to go with Aladtec but it didn’t seem like it was going to happen fast enough.

The Catalina HomeIn July we moved to a new home in Woodbury, MN that provided us much more room for our family. Unfortunately it turned out that this home was not built well and was extremely cold in the winter, so not a place I wanted to stay. More on that in a bit.

The New BestI fondly remember November 2014 as the year the beast finally died. We were driving down for the Sioux Falls “Trains at Christmas” train show when the transmission in the Suburban finally gave out. Several hours, and several hundred dollars later, we were home and shopping for a new truck. We ended up with the above, a 2009 Infinti QX56 with all the bells and whistles.

Allyssa Broke Her ToeThen end of 2014 saw Allyssa’s first broken bone and her first time in a cast. It wasn’t serious and was only needed for a few weeks, but it was something we should have written about here. It happened during Tae Kwon Do (oh yeah, she was taking Tae Kwon Do).

She had to miss classes for that and for dance for a few weeks, but she was able to get back into it and even take part in the Dance Recital with the rest of her class.

2015 Features Big Changes

There would be some big changes in 2015 and it seems like only a few days ago that some of these occurred. I made a decision to move back home to the La Crosse area. After getting approval from my employer to work remote, we began to plan the move.

The Hobby HaulerFirst, after a lot of problems with a rented trailer during the train show in Menomonie, WI, I decided it was time to finally buy something to haul┬ámy model railroad around. A call to the bank, and I was approved to buy this 7×14 enclosed trailer. This would come in very handy come moving day.

The New BeastThe first use of the above trailer was to attend a private setup for the Minnesota Free-mo group at the Duluth Railroad Museum. That worked out very well, but the Infiniti started falling apart on this trip. After a $500 tune-up I was informed of about another $2,000 worth of work needed. NOPE! Took the truck to a dealer the next day and traded it in for the 2014 Chevrolet Silverado pictured above. I am very glad I did!

The Motor Home

In May, a friend of ours posted on Facebook that she was selling her older motor home. Jokingly I told Laura we should buy it and live in it for the summer. Well, those of you who know us know that it became less of a joke and more of a reality. We spent the months of July and August in this down at Pettibone Resort in La Crosse.


While living in the motor home, and renting an office downtown for work, we started searching for an apartment. We needed 3 bedrooms and were not finding much that wasn’t close to $1,000 per month. On a whim, we drove through the Anderson Trailer Court in West Salem and saw that they had some brand new trailers for sale, and had arranged help for people to get financing. We filled out the application, were approved, and moved into our new home above in September. Our combined payments for this are under $800, so better than renting.

The end of 2015 found us busy as we moved in, settled in, made a few improvements (yes, even to this brand new 2016 model trailer) and celebrated holidays with family and friends.

2015 went by way too fast!

2016 – Finally!

I cannot believe we missed two entire years of updates here. And no, I am not going to go back and write old posts. In fact, it’s not very likely I am going to continue writing new posts. But one can dream, right?

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