How to Tell if You Are Brainwashed?

Recently a family member posted this item on their Facebook feed.

How To Tell If You Are Braingwashed

I actually read every point on here because I wanted to see if I was brainwashed. I mean, if I was, how would I know, right? So I decided to write this post to help you help me decide. Let’s get started:

Think You Are Free

Yes, I do think that I am free. I can choose where I want to live, where I want to work, what food I buy in the grocery store, and when I go outside. Sure, there are things I can’t do, like kill someone or take whatever I want, but why would any sane person want to do that? So yes, I do think that I am free.

Don’t Ask Questions

Well, I asked one above, and I am always asking questions. Honestly, I think everyone is. I think they meant the bigger questions, but the image is vague so my answer will be vague. Well, maybe one big question. Where is this country going? That depends on WE THE PEOPLE. How much are we going to allow and what are we going to do to stop it. If you think we can do nothing, then maybe that is brainwashing. I think we can do something – see more below under voting.

Watch Main Stream Media

Nope, I don’t watch garbage, so I guess this doesn’t apply to me. Enough said.

Think Your Vote Matters

In the current two party system we seem to favor? No, it does not matter. We have a proven history of Democratic Presidents and Republican Presidents being unable to fulfill their campaign promises. Oh, most of them have tried, only to be blocked by the other party. I think most if it is because the “other” party wants to wait to do something until their President is in office. I am truly convinced that good never happens because the other party wants the credit for it. But, by the time they do get their President in office, something bigger and better has come up, so the other party blocks it.

Maybe the answer is to elect a President that does not identify with either party. Yeah, that’s it! Then, nothing will happen because both of the “other” parties will just block everything! Remember, the President has very little power when it comes to getting things done, so it is not always their fault when they don’t fulfill a campaign promise. Sometimes they are just blocked. So, in my opinion, this is why my vote doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter WHO gets into office. The “other” party is going to block the best ideas because, well, they want the credit.

How do we fix it? Well, if you can figure that out then there is a very good chance you should run for President. As for me, I am just going to worry about my life and the life of my family. I will deal with the bad decisions of our government when they affect me, and let others worry about the rest. Sure, I will vote, because it is my civic duty and my right as a free American.

Think Police Exist For Safety

OK, on this one, I do agree. Yes, there are some rogue cops that think the law doesn’t apply to them, but that happens in all walks of life. Condemning all police because a few break the law or do unethical things would be like condemning all apples because one of them has a bad spot on it. Of course, if you watch main stream media you most likely have the impression that all police are bad because none of them talk about the good cops. The ones buying food for impoverished families, shoes for the homeless, or helping an elderly woman change a tire on the busy freeway. You are condemning the very people who will be the first to respond when someone tries to break into your home or you have an unavoidable car accident.

I am pretty sure that those people who think Police are there for anything other than our safety are the very reason we need Police! When is the last time you were just sitting around, doing nothing illegal, and had the police show up to shut you down or worse? Can you think of one? OK, now think of the last time you were hassled by police. What were you doing?

Think There’s A Difference Between Political Parties

First, I will ignore the fact that there is a typo in this point, but you see that I fixed it above. Now go back and read my section about Think Your Vote Matters. Or don’t, because it doesn’t really matter. Move along – nothing to see here.

Blindly Trust Big Pharma Companies

Nope, not me. I know it in my heart that Big Pharma is the reason that things like Diabetes and Cancer take the lives of so many people. I know there is a cure out there for most of the things that are killing us. Well, except stupidity, the number one killer in America. Yes ladies and gentlemen, that was sarcasm. See, I am free to be sarcastic even in a serious post. So point number 1 in the picture is null and void.

OK, back to being as serious as I can muster this morning. You’ve likely heard it before. Cancer is incurable. It can be treated but once you have it you will likely never hear the word cured. You go into remission. Diabetes is chronic. Once you have it, you will always have it. The list goes on for many diseases. You will also hear that scientists are always working on a cure. But no, sadly, they are not. They are working on better ways to treat these diseases. Now why would they do that? Because if they cure you, they get paid only once! And where is the profit in that?

Think Public Schools Are Good

We home school our daughter. That should be enough. But I will continue because this subject touches home more than you think. In a family of 6, myself being the 3rd, I am the last of my siblings to have graduated high school. Do I blame my brothers for dropping out? No. I struggled in high school because I was bored. Yep, bored in school. Not because I didn’t care, but because at the time I felt that what the teachers were trying to teach me was beneath me. That I was too smart for this crap.

Now, in some cases, this was true. But in other cases, I now believe it’s because the teachers didn’t engage me enough. They didn’t care about what the students wanted to learn, or how they could learn best. They just wanted to pass the highest number of students and earn their pay. Sure, there were a few exceptional teachers in my day, but the majority of them all but gave up on me if I didn’t blindly follow their lessons. I like to think my three younger brothers were stronger than me and just left due to the bullshit. And now it’s even worse. A lot of teachers blindly follow what the school tells them to teach, and the students are suffering.

So we home school our daughter. She turns 9 next month and is reading books written for teenagers. She is doing multiplication and division and even understands the basic concepts of Algebra (5 + x = 21). She has a genuine interest in history and cooking, but not cleaning (she is only 9 after all). Do I think that all parents should home school? Yes, in fact I do. Of course, that isn’t realistic, so their children have to suffer the boredom and doldrums of a public school system that is failing our country.

Believe in State Created Borders

I don’t even know how to answer this one because I don’t know what they mean. Should we have no states? OK, I can see that point. But then all the things that the states do would have to be done by, wait for it, the President, Congress, and the Senate! Really? That’s what they want? Did they even think this one through? Those three branches of our federal government can never agree on anything! How the hell are they going to run our public schools, state highway systems, and fish and hunting regulation. No, I think State Created Borders are more important than the feds controlling everything!

Recite the Pledge of Allegiance

OK, now it gets serious. FUCK YOU if you won’t Pledge Allegiance to the country you live in. You may not agree with everything this country stands for, but if you are not happy living here, and not willing to do your civic duty to change the things that are bad (like a lot of it), then in all honesty, get the hell out! Yeah, I am that person. I don’t like a lot of things happening in this country, but I still love this country and I Pledge my Allegiance to none other. We don’t need people who don’t care about their own future complaining about everything and doing nothing about it. And no, I don’t want to hear your rebuttal on this. If you aren’t willing to help change the country then we don’t need you around.

Blindly Support the Troops

This one is kind of a mixed bag. Because of course I will always support the “troops”. Sure, there are bad members of the troops that need to be removed from, well, breathing. But for the most part, the “troops” are there for our protection, just like the Police. I rarely agree with what our government tells the troops to do. But that is a different story altogether. Remember, the “troops” are just doing their job. I doubt any of them wanted to be in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Korea, or any other war, but that is where they were told to go. So, please support the troops but tell the people who command them you don’t like their decisions.

Think Your Politician is the Best

Again, go back and read the section about whether or not my vote counts. In all things political, you pick the lesser of two evils. You pick the person who you think might best lead this country. Then you prepare for failure. It all comes back to the need for a system of government controlled by more than just two parties. However, the very fact that you CAN pick the lesser of two evils, that you CAN voice your opinion about who is best suited to run this country, IS proof that we are free.

Yes, it all comes back to freedom. You have the freedom to help make this country better, to sit around and do nothing, or you can do us all a favor and get the hell out.

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