Isn't she just a perfect angel?

Isn't she just a perfect little Angel?

Allyssa Rose Lambert, born April 2007, isn’t quite old enough to post information about herself here, so daddy is going to have to do this for her. Hopefully mommy and daddy will remember to update you with all the new “firsts” she is experiencing as she approaches the “terrible twos”, but don’t get upset if we don’t – it’s just that spending time with her right now seems more important than posting in a musty old blog.

Allyssa learned to walk around 9 months old and quickly graduated to running. Some days daddy has a hard time keeping up with her, but he enjoys trying. She has learned to push all of daddy’s buttons and on days when she feels she hasn’t had enough attention, she pushes them all at once. That can be both a lot of fun as well as very, very frustrating. She seems to push most of them while daddy is trying to prepare the evening meal, but we all live with it and hope that some day we will find HER buttons – like on her first date for example.

Honestly, there is nothing bad I could ever say about my beautiful daughter, so don’t even ask. Though there are days I want to pull out all of my hair and get a vasectomy, being a daddy to Allyssa truly is the most wonderful experience I have ever had – and I get a lifetime to experience it!

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